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USSD is a convenient way to get customers to speak to you because it is unidirectional. The user dials a USSD code to access services from a company.


Shared USSD

This is a USSD code shared anonymously by companies and is accessed using a separate extension.


Dedicated USSD

Owned by one account and used solely by one user for their company or service.



Automated subscriber management.


Realtime transactional information.


Access to detailed reports including statistics and audits


Mobile number verification, 2-factor login and OTP.



USSD applications run on the network, not on a user's device. As such, they don't have to be installed on the user's phone, which is an advantage for users with feature phones that have limited storage space.

USSD codes start with an asterisk (*) followed by groups of digits which may be separated by additional asterisks and is terminated with a hash symbol (#).

How it Works


A user sends a USSD request.


The USSD gateway forwards the request to the user's USSD application which respond to the request.


The response goes back to the USSD gateway, which displays the content of that response on the screen of the user's mobile phone.


  • User-friendly.
  • Works on all GSM handsets.
  • Highly customisable
  • Highly interactive.
  • Works without data connection.

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